Check local regulations

Minimum age varies according to municipal jurisdiction

1 rider per Bird,

The safest ride is solo. No double-riding allowed.

Protect your head, wear a helmet

Use caution and follow local safety and traffic laws.
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Riding Tips

  • Watch for pedestrians
  • Use caution and follow local safety and traffic laws
  • Travel in bike lanes or roads unless otherwise directed
  • Ride 1 person per Bird at a time
  • Be mindful of surface conditions

Parking Tips

  • Keep access and foot travel areas clear
  • Park neatly in a designated parking area and in accordance with local regulations
  • Push your kickstand down and pull the vehicle back to securely park

Staying Healthy

  • Each Bird is disinfected regularly
  • Social distance while you ride
  • Practice good personal hygiene (wash your hands)

Rider Safety

At Bird, we’re committed to helping our riders stay safe. That’s why we’re always developing new features, videos, and tips with rider safety in mind.

Beginner Mode

Beginner Mode is a gentle acceleration option that lets new riders gradually work their way up to full speed.
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Safe Start

Safe Start is an in-app checkpoint designed to discourage people from riding under the influence. Never drink and ride.
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Safety School

Riders can become a better driver in a matter of minutes with Safety School.
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Smart ID Verification

Riders can instantly verify their official identification.
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Winter Rides

Bird is committed to promoting safe riding in all weather conditions. Stay safe while riding in the winter months with these helpful tips
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Vehicle Safety Innovations*

Bird’s world-class, in-house design and engineering team is dedicated to creating, improving, and constantly evolving our products in order to better fit riders’ needs.

Smart Sidewalk Protection

Our smart integration will give riders traveling on a sidewalk an audible alert and mobile notification before the vehicle is brought safely and smoothly to a stop by reducing throttle.
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IP68-Rated Battery

Bird has the industry’s only IP68-rated battery—meaning that its electrical enclosure gives it the highest level of protection against dust and water damage out of any other micromobility scooter in the world.
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Autonomous Emergency Braking

A unique braking system safeguards riders against potential brake failure and ensures they can always bring the vehicle to a stop.
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Real-Time Fault Detection

Daily autonomous fault checks and on-vehicle sensory inputs allow us to observe potential vehicle issues in real time.
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Community Safety Zones

City prescribed slow-riding or no-riding zones help protect pedestrians by gradually slowing or stopping vehicles. Bird is working with cities to extend our network of geofenced zones.
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Extended Footboard

An increased footboard size on our newest scooters helps to improve rider safety and stability.
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Skid Detection

Skid Detection uses Bird’s state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostics and sensor processing capabilities to determine if a skid has occurred, which could indicate service needs.
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Standing Out

Bird’s best-in-class vehicles are backed by multiple international and standardized certifications and ratings that make them stand out from the competition.
*Subject to market requirements and vehicle availability or mode

A look at e-scooter safety

More bike lanes and fewer car trips can help increase safety for all road users. Download Bird’s safety report to learn more.
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Vision Zero

Bird is committed to Vision Zero, a global movement to make mobility safer, healthier and more equitable for everyone on the road. Bird scooters reduce the need for cars, raise awareness of the transportation alternatives and encourage cities to invest in safety infrastructure that benefits everyone.

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